Alexa + Drew: Surprise Micro-Wedding in Watertown, NY

Watertown Wedding Photographer

Drew reached out to me roughly 2 days prior to their celebration date wanting to know if I would be interested in capturing some photos of him and his wife in their wedding attire. The couple had married last November, but had planned on a summer ceremony to celebrate with their friends and family. With COVID-19, plans changed again… and then Alexa learned that their family was growing by one! So, Drew wanted to make sure that his wife got the photos of them in their wedding dress like she had dreamed of – and I was absolutely on board with this!

The celebration took place in their home, where Drew had convinced (with the help of Alexa’s friends) to go enjoy a girls’ morning getting dressed up and pampered. I’m sure Alexa knew something was up when her friends asked her to put on her wedding dress.

One of the best moments of the celebration was when we were out in a nearby field, I had Alexa and Drew do their first dance. Since they never had the chance to officially have the moment, I thought it would be fitting to take the time to have them just enjoy each other. While this was happening, some neighbors who had driven by pulled over, stopped and began cheering for the couple. It was incredibly heartwarming to see people in the community cheering them on and congratulating them!

I am so thankful to have been able to capture these moments for them – and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned this year, it’s that love is not cancelled. It adapts, overcomes, and presses forward.

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