You NEED to vibe with your wedding photographer

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So, you’re newly engaged and have begun the wedding planning process, eh? Well, firstly, congratulations! What an amazing venture that lies ahead of you! But where do you start when it comes to planning?

I’m betting that some of the first things you look at are venues, the dress, and your photographer.

When it comes to your photographer, you want to hire someone that suits your style. Whether that be bright and airy, or dark and moody edits. You will want to look at many different photographers to get a feel for their style. Does the photographer trends toward wide angle shots, or those tighter, more detail filled shots? Which do you prefer?

Out of all the vendors that you will be working with, your photographer will spend the most time with you on your celebration day (and potentially throughout the entire planning process!). You want to make sure that the person you choose you vibe with on a personal level because trust me when I say that not vibing just isn’t an option anymore.

When you invest in a wedding photographer, invest in that person too. Get to know them, let them get to know you. Not only do you want to hire someone who checks all the tangibles (e.g. style, budget, available) but also make sure they check the personality traits you want as you’ll be spending a pretty monumental day with them.

Good wedding photos of your celebration is a big deal. Wedding photography can be a hefty investment. Too often I hear stories from couples where they opted for the cheapest photographer, or in some cases, let a family member or friend (who doesn’t photograph professionally) shoot the celebration for them, only to be disappointed with the outcome. Those are moments you just can’t replicate.

So, as you’re browsing Pinterest, Instagram and the web for that dream photographer – make sure to reach out and talk to them! Get a feel for their personality and see how it meshes with your own. If you don’t feel you can establish a bond with that person, that’s more than okay! Find a photographer who does present that bonding potential! It may be a little more work, but it is 100% worth the invested time.

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