An Adventurous Elopement for the Adventure(ish)

If you’re on the fence about whether an adventurous elopement is possible for your wedding day celebration—let me just tell you that is it. You absolutely do not have to be a survivalist to have an adventure elopement. There’s this common misconception that I see is building: if you’re eloping you’re either doing something super extreme, like hiking Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks or you’re meeting up at City Hall. It’s like there’s no in between.

I’m here to spread the word that this is not the case. You can absolutely have an adventurous elopement without having to be a 10-mile hiking, rock scaling survivalist. When you decide to elope, your wedding day can be anything you want it to be. Whether that be a relaxing day on the lake, having a roller skating party with 15 of your closest friends and family, or going on a day trip to catch some views. The only thing that matters here is that you’re doing something that you both enjoy to celebrate your wedding, no matter what that is.

If you’re vibing with the idea of doing something a little different, something unconventional that involves being unique, but something that isn’t a Via Ferrata, requires being on the hiking trail at 3am, and allows you to sleep in a comfortable bed at night, you could call yourself “adventure(ish).”


/adˈven(t)SHər/iSH/ adverb

A person who wants an adventurous wedding experience while also having a less than adventurous nature. An adventure(ish) person may not be down with committing to a Via Ferratta, a multi-day hike, or surviving in the backcountry—but is still down for an amazing outdoor wedding experience with epic views.

How to Have an Adventurous Elopement When You’re Adventure(ish)

  1. Talk with your partner—If you have both decided that an elopement is how you’d like to celebrate your wedding day, that’s freaking amazing! Talk with your partner and listen to one another to see what ideas you both come up with for how you’d like your day to unfold.

  2. Don’t just elope because it’s “trendy”: make sure it’s what you both want—Eloping doesn’t make your marriage any more or less valid. Whether you elope or have a big wedding, the important thing is that you have married the love of your life. Here are the Top 8 To Ditch Tradition and Elope Instead. If you align with any or all of them, eloping may be perfect for you.

  3. Plan some activities—Make sure whatever activity (or activities) you decide on incorporating into your day are things that you are comfortable doing. If you intend on doing something in the outdoors, make sure that you’re not putting yourself into a dangerous situation by under-estimating the physical demand of the activity. Definitely research the location you’re interested in eloping in, including weather patterns based on time of year for your elopement, lodging, parking, associated fees, and crowds. I have a blog post on this if you need suggestions on where to elope in New York.

  4. Incorporate the details you want—Eloping doesn’t mean that you forego all the wedding details (unless you want to!). Don’t skip the wedding details that are important to you. If you want an arbor and flowers, bring them! If you want a handful of close family + friends, bring them! (This may also influence what activities you do throughout your day.) Your elopement can be as simple or as extravagant as you want—there are literally ZERO rules when it comes to eloping!

  5. Do your research—Avoid rushing into booking vendors for your elopement: do your research. Hiring vendors for your elopement is a big deal, especially when it comes to hiring a photographer. This is one of the biggest days of your life, and other than your marriage itself, the photos of your elopement are going to be what lasts the longest. Make sure your photographer knows you want to elope and what kind of elopement you’re aiming for. Also make sure to really research any lodging you want to use if your elopement requires a stay away from home.

  6. Tell family + friends that you’ve decided to elope—This one can be a doozy if you have a family that expected you to have a traditional wedding. You can read up on a few ways to deliver the news the post How to Tell Your Family That You’re Eloping. One thing is for sure, stand firm in your decision to elope. Your wedding is about you and your partner—and placing experience over tradition is not selfish.

  7. Do the thing!—Get married! Enjoy your adventure elopement experience, create some lifelong memories with the love of your life, and have your photographer document the day as it unfolds.

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