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When it comes to choosing an elopement location, opting for a place in the Syracuse area is never a bad idea. You can absolutely have a stunning Syracuse elopement and make your day one to remember.

There are a couple assumptions surrounding elopements that I’ve noticed that I’d like to address. Typically couples who are interested in eloping think one of two things:

  1. That you have to travel to some far off destination to get epic views; or you have to trek out to the ADK for mountains and forests.

  2. OR you just opt to meet up at City Hall.

If you decide that either of these things is for you, that’s perfectly fine! Your elopement means you get to call the shots and make the rules. But this post is for the couples who want to elope, take in some epic views and enjoy nature while not trekking too far from home—the Syracuse area. All of these locations are within a 2 hour driving time of Syracuse, NY.

You don’t have to go too far in upstate New York to find amazing views, epic adventures, and stunning sunsets to have all the intimate moments (and bombass photos to back it up) for your wedding day. From cliffsides, to forests, to lakeshores, to fields and mountains—it’s all possible here. Here are a few of my favorite hidden gems in the Syracuse region.

Clark Reservation, Syracuse NY

Filled with easy to walk trails, a stunning 175 cliff that overlooks a glacier made lake, dense forest, and rock formations with really cool glacier striations, Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville, NY is a valid option for couples who want a stunning forest elopement. There are a number of trails throughout the area that give you the opportunity to explore this geological wonder that features beautiful foliage and trees–including cedars which give those PNW vibes.

Distance from Syracuse: ~10 minutes

Salmon River Falls, Orwell NY

Super easy .3-mile trail to the top of the 110 ft falls, which are west facing—making it a prime location for a sunset elopement. This location is stunning any time of year, and can especially be breath taking during the fall and winter months. The trail continues up along the river into dense forest for some classic northern NY vibes. You can easily walk up the river as well for a few hidden photo op locations, just make sure you bring the appropriate footwear as some of the rocks can be pretty slick.

Distance from Syracuse: ~50 minutes

The Narrows, 1000 Islands NY

Located in Wellesley Island State Park, the Narrows are a stunning cliffside spot in northern NY that give you stunning views on the St. Lawrence River. The cliffs lie along the west-northwestern border of the Thousand Island State Park, which means sunset can produce some absolutely epic light and views for a couple eloping there.

Distance from Syracuse: ~1 hour 30 minutes

Chimney Bluffs State park, Wolcott NY

This state park is located in Wolcott, NY and offers some amazing diversity. The sandy cliffs are super easy to access and are only a few yards away from the parking area. You can also access the shoreline, or the trails that follow along the top of the cliffs for some beautiful views over Lake Ontario. During the summer months, it’s common to see a storm roll in from the west, giving some hella moody vibes to any photos–which I live for.

Distance from Syracuse: ~60 minutes

Remsen, New York

Nestled in the country of Upstate New York, Remsen is a gorgeous place for a wooded escape. It’s a small village with some stellar AirBnBs available. Hinckley Lake is nearby and the perfect location for your vow exchange, sunset portraits, a picnic, a swim or anything else you may desire. There are a few hidden little places scattered where you can capture some of the smaller mountains in the distance

Distance from Syracuse: ~68 minutes

If you’re starting to plan your own Syracuse elopement, get in touch! I’d love to help you dream, scheme, and craft your elopement day.

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