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(For your northern NY elopement or small wedding.)

Opting to elope or having a small wedding means you get to be a little more creative and outside of the box when it comes to where you should stay, or even have your ceremony or dinner. For some couples, the solution is renting a special Airbnb. This option gives you access to private beaches, hiking trails, secluded forests and more. You could turn your elopement day into a multi-day getaway in a breathtaking location—continuing seamlessly into your honeymoon afterward. What’s better than finding the perfect location for your northern NY elopement?

Northern NY offers no shortage of amazing Airbnb locations. And depending on the rental itself, it could be a great place to host your ceremony, or post-elopement dinner with friends.

Reasons I love Airbnb Wedding Venues

+ You get to stay somewhere unique, that truly speaks to you. You’re basically enhancing your already special day by including an additional experience.

+ With elopements and intimate weddings, a larger Airbnb can be an easy way to accommodate your friends and family. Turn the day into a weekend with your closest friends and family.

+ If your host permits, an Airbnb can function as your getting ready, ceremony, and reception location. No need to worry about transportation between locations. Reducing planning stress is always a plus!

+ For an elopement, an Airbnb can act as your Plan B. This way if it rains, snows, sleets, or any other form of inclement weather making your elopement location unreachable, your backup location will be secured. With weather being often capricious, a Plan B is always a necessity.

+ There are so many benefits of an Airbnb over a hotel for your special day, especially if you’re someone who wants that “feels like home” vibe. It may not be home exactly, but it can absolutely be your dream home away from home.

Questions to Ask Before Booking an Airbnb Wedding Venue

Before you go and book the next amazing Airbnb you come across as your wedding venue, there are a number of questions that you should ask. You may not have to ask the host directly, as the answers to some of these questions can sometimes be found in the rental listing. But it’s important to find the answers to the following questions as you’re researching potential Airbnb venues.

Where is it located?

Location is a large factor in choosing your Airbnb. You want to make sure that it’s close enough to your ceremony and/or dinner location. You also want to make sure that its close enough to amenities as you’d like. Alternatively, if you’re wanting a more secluded experience, finding a property with acreage is ideal. You also want to make sure that the accessibility meets any requirements you have for you, your partner, and/or any guests you’ll be having join you while there. If you decide to have a northern NY elopement or small wedding, there are plenty of amazing rentals that will fit everything you need.

Is there natural light?

As a photographer, this is a big thing to consider. Natural light is incredibly important in producing the visual tale of your wedding day. Open floor plans and large windows help a great deal with natural light. Look through the listing’s photos to get an idea of the property layout and the amount of natural light that fills the rooms. Some properties offer video tours of the property, which can help immensely when learning about the layout. Also, if you’re feeling thorough, pay attention to what direction the windows face in common areas; areas where you’ll get ready, or want photos taken. Southern and northern windows tend let in a softer diffused light throughout the day whereas eastern windows are a more direct light during the morning hours; western windows a more direct light in the afternoon hours.

Are events permitted at the property?

Just because it’s a private rental, doesn’t mean a wedding or elopement ceremony will be allowed on the property. Airbnb discloses whether or not the host allows for gatherings. If you’re eloping just the two of you, this typically isn’t an issue. But if you plan on having a few guests at the property post-ceremony, you need to make sure to follow the rules and regulations the hosts put into place for their properties.

Are pets allowed?

If you plan on bringing your fur baby along, you absolutely want to make sure that whichever Airbnb you choose is pet friendly. It’s entirely possible to have your pet along with you for your elopement or wedding day (or weekend). Rentals that are pet friendly are usually pretty forth coming about the ability to bring along your pet.

How do the reviews look?

Always take a read through the reviews. If you’re able look through them starting with the most recent. Reading through the reviews will help you understand things like how responsive the host(s) are to concerns and how quickly they communicate with their guests. Through the reviews you may learn about any glaring issues that come with the property, and learn about how the host responds to negative feedback. Which the latter in my opinion is super important, as you can learn a lot about someone by how they respond to adversity or constructive criticism.

Does the aesthetic fit your vibe?

This one should be oblivious. Don’t book an Airbnb that doesn’t quite fit the vibe of what you’re looking for just because the price is right. Even if your ceremony is taking place in a location other than the place you’re staying, you’re still going to have photos of you getting ready in that space.

Northern NY Airbnb Inspiration

Need some northern NY inspo? Here are a few amazing places that you can find on Airbnb. Some of the places do allow for events or parties, but not all of them do. So make sure that if you plan on having guests at your northern NY elopement, that you double check what’s allowed.

These locations are meant to inspire you as you look for the perfect place to stay for your own elopement or small wedding here in the north country.

Camp Iroquois—Saranac Lake, NY

Ever have the desire to have a full on summer camp kind of experience in the Adirondacks? Camp Iroquois allows you to live out those summer camp dreams with you and up to 35 of your closest friends. The property has a two bedroom main cabin, along with 5 additional sleeping cabins. It’s a sprawling property with lakeshore beachlines.

Warner’s Camp—Upper Jay, NY

Nestled in the high peaks of the ADK, Warner’s Camp is a stunning rental that has riverside access and a private sauna. A beautifully renovated home originally built in the 1800’s, the camp is a 4 bedroom 2 bath home that’s 10 minutes away from Whiteface.

A-Frame Cabin—Remsen, NY

A super cute a-frame cabin in the woods of Remsen, NY. While not in the mountains, you’ll be able to enjoy nature in the forest that surrounds the property. One of the most awesome features that this property has is that you can literally sleep under the stars. You’ll have to check out the property listing to fully understand what I mean.

Edgewood Pointe—Alexandria Bay, NY

Found along the shores of the St. Lawrence river, this rental would be perfect for an elopement or small wedding at Boldt Castle. It’s a super short drive to the busy side of Alex Bay, making amenities easy to reach. After dinner, you could enjoy watching the sunset along the river with your partner.

Tiny House—Barneveld, NY

Seriously one of the cutest tiny houses I’ve ever seen in northern NY, this rental property would make for a stunning “just us” elopement experience. There’s a number of hiking trails and wineries in the area that you and your partner could visit should you like.

With a little bit of sleuthing, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to stay or even have your ceremony. It’s going to take some work, but one thing is for certain: your northern NY elopement is going to be handcrafted to fit you and your partner.

Not sure how to plan an adventurous elopement? I’ve gotchu. Learn how to have an adventurous elopement if you’re adventure(ish).





Northern NY Airbnb Inspiration

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