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Y’all thought I was joking when I said I wanted to photograph a chicken wedding, eh?

It makes sense when you think about it:
I love photographing weddings, and;
I love chickens.
Therefore, a chicken wedding was inevitable.

Now, real talk, this isn’t the kind of content that you usually see from me. But let’s be real, this is the content that we never knew we needed.

Lily + Fred have been each other’s favorite since they met last year. He dotes upon her and makes sure that she gets all the best treats when they’re out and about in the yard. Their human family thought it would be a riot to let them have their “happily ever after” together.

So I, along with a team of bombass creatives, put together the best freakin’ chicken wedding Lily + Fred could have dreamed of. They had their very own chick-uterie board, vanilla cake, and bespoke attire designed and made for them. And had their “ceremony” right under their favorite tree in the yard. It took a little coaxing, but they got all the mealworms, grains, and cracked corn to sweeten the deal. It took place in their backyard, with the arbor placed near their favorite tree.

Enjoy these moments and details from Lily + Fred’s wedding!

The Team:
Planner + Photographer: Donna Marie Photo Co.
Coordinator + Arbor Décor: Pineapple & Peony Events
Signage: Snapshots Photo Booth
Mini Arbor: Danny Maloney
Bow tie: Alicia Phelps
Dress: Katherine Rita
Invitation Suite: Donna Marie Photo Co.
Chicken Owners/Parents: Mostafa Family



Dream Come True: Backyard Chicken Wedding

"The moment I spoke to donna I knew we'd made the right choice by reaching out—she was instantly so invested in capturing our lovestory and couldn't be more pleasant to work with."

Claire + Justin