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Hot Take: Book a portrait session during your vacation.

It’s a radical idea, I know.

But hear me out: When you trek off on vacation, you’re bound to take a lot of photos of your experience and travels. You have super easy access to relatively decent cameras on your phones, right? But what about pictures of you and your beau together? I mean, yeah, there’s selfie-mode. But selfies don’t always hit the same when it comes time to print those photos and decorate your home with them. And if you bring along a selfie stick, or tripod, it can be a cumbersome experience.

When you’re on vacation in a place you’ve never been to, always wanted to go to, or are absolutely in love with do yourself the favor of booking a photographer for a portrait session. The result will be amazing photographs that you can feel good printing and hanging in your home. At the same time, documenting you and your partner together in a super scenic location is never a bad thing.

  1. Capture Your Adventures Together
    Rather than having a gallery of photos that feature only one of you enjoying the experience, or a sub-par image quality selfie, hiring a photographer for a portrait session produces amazing portraits for you to share or print.

    PRO TIP: Research your photographer before booking them to ensure that you not only like their artistic style, but who they are as a person as well!

  2. Create Portraits that Compliment or Contrast Your Wedding Portraits
    Recently married? 10 year anniversary? Or even just because, when you’re on vacation you have the unique opportunity to throw on your wedding attire once again and capture some magic together. Did you get married in a more traditional fashion? Opt for an elopement styled session. Did you elope in the mountains? Opt for a night out together downtown.

  3. Elevate the Quality of Photos to Remember Experiences
    Of course, you’ll have the memories, ticket stubs, and cell phone pictures of your vacation to hold on to. But when you invest in a portrait session with a photographer, you’re giving your future self some vivid reminders of that exact moment during your vacation.

  4. Your Photographer May Know About Hidden Gems
    If you hire a local photographer, they may know about hidden gems in the area for you and your partner to experience. Each photographer has their own list of locations and experiences that they’ll be happy to share with their booked couples. You may end up with your very own tour guide for an hour or two! Or you may end up in a less-traveled scenic location that provides breathtaking views.

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  5. Traveling Photographers May Offer Specials
    Sometimes, photographers take vacation. And sometimes photographers can’t help themselves because they love what they do so incredibly much. (Myself included in this.) So they offer special rates to couples in areas they’re traveling to so that we can create freely in a new place with an awesome couple.

    Speaking of traveling, next up on my travel list is Las Vegas. If you’re in the area in early 2023, and want to create together, let’s link up.

  6. Decorate Your Home with Art from Around the World
    When you book a photographer, you’re trusting them to create art featuring you and your partner. Each photographer has their own creative style, philosophies, and values that reflect who they are as a person. So you’re literally creating a gallery of art featuring artists from across the nation, or world! How amazing is that?!





Why You Should Book A Portrait Session on Vacation

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