High-Energy Wedding at Florissante the Mansion

C + M traveled up to one of their most treasured and meaningful locations in northern NY, the foothills of the Adirondacks in Lyons Falls to celebrate their union. They had friends and family come from far and wide to join them on their wedding day and celebrate them joyously. They celebrated at the amazingly beautiful and stunning Florissante the Mansion.

C had shared with me that before finding me to document her wedding, she had experienced some less than kind comments about how she and her fiance had “done things out of order” in reference to having their son before getting married. This entirely broke my heart for her. I reminded her that no matter what anyone else says, she and M should live their life the way they see fit. What others think (especially these other photogs) be damned.

Everyone’s love story is unique. It deserves to be celebrated authentically with gusto regardless if it follows “traditional” chapters or not. Please enjoy these amazing moments from their wedding day.


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