We will craft a session that encompasses exactly who you are as a couple whether that be going on a mountain hike, lounging beachside, or cooking dinner together in your underwear. We will create hella cute couples photos that showcase your love story where it is in this moment of time.

adventure sessions

Your love story should be documented through all the different stages of life—not just at your wedding. Whether you're looking for an engagement session, anniversary, surprise proposal, or just because, an adventure session is never a bad thing.

keep it real, keep it you

celebrate your love

You love the messy, real parts of life.

You're ready to truly be yourself.

You're ready to go on an adventure with your partner.

We're a fantastic fit if...

You're ready to have fun + tell your love story just how it is.

...then i'm the perfect photographer for you!

If any of these sound like you...

We're really kinda awkward in front of the camera.

We have no idea what to do with our hands when we take pictures.

We've never had professional photos done before.

Before you even realize it, you’ll have stunning, emotive portraits of you and your partner. AND you’ll be left feeling blown away at how authentic your photos are.

do the photoshoot!

Once you’re officially booked, we will start planning your adventure session—from potential locations, to activities, to wardrobe—I’m here to help you craft the perfect couples portraits you’re vying for.

Hire me!

Whether you have your date chosen or just have a general time of year in mind, definitely reach out! Let’s get on a call together to make sure that we vibe, as I don’t book every couple who wants to hire me.

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Adventure Session Packages

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Adventure sessions are a way to document your love story in it's current form—you don't have to be getting married, expecting a child, or going through any "large" life milestone to book an adventure session—do it because your love story is your favorite, and it should be told time and time again.

I'll help you plan your session from location, to wardrobe assistance, to activities to include. 

*Cannot be used for elopement or wedding coverage.

new york Adventure Sessions Starting at $550

— 1 hour to 3 hour coverage
— personalized location scouting, vendor recommendations + more
— 60 miles travel
— fully edited, hi-res online gallery
— personal print release


Get in touch and this is one of the first things that we work on figuring out together. During your initial call with me, I will help you see what is possible for your session and begin developing custom collection options with you. It will depend on where you want to go, and what you want to do!

How long should our session be?

Truthfully? It will make for bomb-ass, dramatic photos. It will also make for a story. Think of the adventure. As long as the weather isn’t treacherous to travel in, our sesh is still on. I’m particularly skilled at adjusting plans last minute. Together through the planning process, we will establish a set of backup plans that are just as good, if not better than the original.

What if it rains/snows?

Absolutely not. Unless you want to. An adventure is anything that you and your partner want to do together for your session. That could be a night out on the town, time at a roller skating rink, cruising on Lake Ontario, or even an afternoon in your home. 

Do we have to hike for an Adventure Session?

It can be a date night, a surprise proposal, an anniversary, or just because. You don't need a reason to book an adventure session! We will craft an adventure for you both to enjoy and I'll follow along with my camera in tow.

What is an Adventure Session?

If you’re ready to start the booking process, drop me a line via my CONTACT FORM!! Next, I’ll send over my pricing guide based on what kind of experience you’re looking for. We also set up a time to chat as I want to get to know you, your partner. Once we make sure we’re a good fit, and decide on which package you’d like, I will send over a contract for you to sign. After you’ve signed on the dotted line and paid the 30% non-refundable retainer, you will be officially booked!! (The remaining balance is due 2 days prior to your session. This can be broken up into smaller payments, or paid all at once—whichever is easiest for you!) 

How does booking work?

For sessions within a 100 mile radius of Adams, NY I require a 30% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract. For sessions outside of the 100 mile radius I require a 50% non-refundable retainer. The remaining balance is due 2 days prior to your session date—you can pay the balance in full then, or break it up and pay it over time beforehand.

How do payment schedules work?

You tell me what kind of vibe, season, terrain—and I will get to work. Or maybe you’re thinking about eloping in the same spot where you had your first date. I will absolutely help you find your dream location, even if you’re not sure where that may be. Once you’ve booked, I’ll research some locations that fit the vibe you’re interested in and all the logistics involved to have your session there. 

What if we don’t know where to have our session? Will you help us?

Can we bring our pet(s)?

Um... if you don't I'll probably be sad.

Just a couple more things...

(frequently asked questions, answered.)