Corey + Ryan: Intimate Wedding In Rochester, Vermont

Donna Marie Photo Co New York PhotographerOver Labor Day weekend, I was asked to join Corey + Ryan for their intimate wedding celebration in Vermont. I was super excited about this because I had not been to Vermont in yearrrrssss and the last time I went, I wasn’t able to explore her at all.

So when Corey + Ryan asked if I would be their wedding photographer – I was absolutely ready! A wedding for a couple that loves their fur baby, has been together 10 years, and both love the outdoors? Count ya girl in! So I reached out to my photog bestie, Sarah and we went on an adventure.

Due to the nature of the world, several changes happened in their wedding planning and the entire event took place on family property, Wing Farm. Corey + Ryan live in North Carolina, but would visit the farm when ever possible and it had become a very special place to them both. It made sense to have their celebration there.

Also, I’d like to note that Ryan, the groom, made the arbor for the ceremony. Not only did he make it, but he also transported it up to VT before piecing it all together.

This celebration was definitely one for the books. The laughs, the joy, and the love were definitely present during their intimate day. I will be forever thankful to them both for inviting me along on their journey! And their day unfolded smoothly, all thanks to their stellar wedding planner, Ashley Larson of Toney Consulting.

Corey + Ryan, I wish you and your families all the happiness in the world together.Corey + Ryan.jpgCorey + Ryan-2.jpgCorey + Ryan-3.jpgCorey + Ryan-4.jpgCorey + Ryan-5.jpgCorey + Ryan-6.jpgCorey + Ryan-7.jpgCorey + Ryan-8.jpgCorey + Ryan-9.jpgCorey + Ryan-10.jpgCorey + Ryan-11.jpgCorey + Ryan-12.jpgCorey + Ryan-13.jpgCorey + Ryan-14.jpgCorey + Ryan-15.jpgCorey + Ryan-16.jpgCorey + Ryan-17.jpgCorey + Ryan-18.jpgCorey + Ryan-19.jpgCorey + Ryan-20.jpgCorey + Ryan-21.jpgCorey + Ryan-22.jpgCorey + Ryan-23.jpgCorey + Ryan-24.jpgCorey + Ryan-25.jpgCorey + Ryan-26.jpgCorey + Ryan-27.jpgCorey + Ryan-28.jpgCorey + Ryan-29.jpgCorey + Ryan-30.jpgCorey + Ryan-31.jpgCorey + Ryan-32.jpgCorey + Ryan-33.jpgCorey + Ryan-34.jpgCorey + Ryan-35.jpgCorey + Ryan-36.jpgCorey + Ryan-37.jpgCorey + Ryan-38.jpgCorey + Ryan-39.jpgCorey + Ryan-40.jpgCorey + Ryan-41.jpgCorey + Ryan-42.jpgCorey + Ryan-43.jpgCorey + Ryan-44.jpgCorey + Ryan-45.jpgCorey + Ryan-46.jpgCorey + Ryan-47.jpgCorey + Ryan-48.jpgCorey + Ryan-49.jpgCorey + Ryan-50.jpgCorey + Ryan-51.jpgCorey + Ryan-52.jpgCorey + Ryan-53.jpgCorey + Ryan-54.jpgCorey + Ryan-55.jpgCorey + Ryan-56.jpgCorey + Ryan-57.jpgCorey + Ryan-59.jpgCorey + Ryan-60.jpgCorey + Ryan-61.jpg


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