Sackets Harbor Post-Pandemic Wedding

Watertown Wedding Photographer

When the world stuttered to a halt earlier this year, it did not stop Kate + Kyle from claiming their original wedding celebration date. Thankfully, NYS Phase 2 began right on their chosen date, so I was still able to capture all the magic of their Sackets Harbor wedding.

But, with all the changes, their wedding celebration did not look as they had originally planned it. Rather than the 150 guests filling the venue, there were 10: myself, the bridal party, and 3 guests. Yet, despite the ballroom venue not being full of family and friends, it was no less full of love for the couple.

Both Kate + Kyle had been in constant communication with me throughout the shutdown period, as they weren’t able to get a wedding license until very last minute (the offices had shut down!) so there were large concerns on whether they would be able to marry at all. But thankfully, everything came together!

Since they had already paid in full for their reception dinner, Kate + Kyle donated the food to the local Keep Home so that the staff who were working around the clock (especially so due to the pandemic) were given a meal that day. Kate is a mental health worker and does everything she can to give back to the community. Kyle was more than on board with this as he felt it was a great way to ensure the food didn’t go to waste.

I had done pretty well holding myself together until Kate + Kyle shared a quiet moment together where they video called Kyle’s son, who was unable to fly in from out of state due to the current situation. The couple showed him around the venue and talked to him about the day’s events, and I followed along silently, tears streaming down my face. People will always find a way to be with their loved ones, no matter what.

Honestly, this wedding was one of the most emotional and heartfelt weddings I have witnessed in my career as a photographer. I cry at every wedding I shoot, but this wedding, this wedding hit different and I am so incredibly honored to have been a part of it.

Enjoy these moments from their beautiful historical Sackets Harbor wedding.


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