5 Reasons to opt for that Engagement Session

As a photographer, engagement sessions are a pretty crucial portion of my work. While we get to know one another through email, phone calls, or even Zoom chats – it’s not the same as being in the same space together. There are instances where couples don’t see the added value of scheduling an engagement session – I’m here to give you 5 reasons to opt for that engagement session. It will only add to your wedding day experience, I promise you.

Learn your photographer’s shooting style

Many, many couples aren’t used to or like being in front of a camera. Toss a professional photographer into the mix and anxiety levels can skyrocket. So, why would you wait until your wedding celebration to take that first step out before a lens? Nah, buckle up and buckle in. Your engagement session will help both you and your photographer learn what it takes to show your true self to be captured on camera.

During the session, your photographer will guide and prompt you into certain situations, scenarios, or poses to be captured all the while getting to know you. Better yet, you will get first hand experience on how your photographer guides you through portraits to produce stellar shots in the photographic style you love.

You’ll become more comfortable in front of a camera 

Building off of the first point, your engagement sesh will empower you to appreciate that yes, you are photogenic even if you think otherwise – and yes, your love story is one worth telling the world. This makes it so much easier to have your photographer around for 6,8,10 hours on your wedding day. You won’t have a complete stranger shadowing you.

When you’re comfortable with your photographer and being in front of their camera, you’re more likely to open up and show your authentic, true self. Which is exactly what I want to capture! The focus should be on the connection between you and your partner, golden light and scenic locations are just an added bonus (in my opinion).

Your engagement session gallery can be used for your wedding 

Whether it be for the save the date, invitation suite or as the header of your wedding website, your engagement session adds significant personalization to how you announce your upcoming celebration. The images will grace your social media for years to come, and you can even opt to have professional prints made to decorate your reception (and then your home afterward)!

Use your engagement session as a hair and makeup trial too! 

What better way to put to test your wedding look other than having actual professional photos taken on the same day? This will give you the perfect chance to see if you are happy with the look you have decided to go for or if there are any changes you want to make. This will give you a more accurate showing of how you and your beau will appear once you’re in your wedding attire.

But my friend is doing them for us 

I am FULLY confident that your friend will not be able to produce the same level of images as a professional photographer (unless, of course, they are a professional photographer too). While I LOVE that someone was kind enough to offer their time for you, the truth is you don’t know what you don’t know. I have been practicing, educating myself, and honing my craft for many years and I am constantly doing everything I can to improve.

Even though the thought of a friend, whom you know and feel comfortable around paired with saving a few bucks is suuuuper tempting, trust me when I say it’s not a good idea. I would hate for you to feel your images are subpar, or be left feeling regret when looking back at your photos years or even months down the line.

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