Blue Hour Elopement Dinner

When you decide to elope, you have full control over how your day will unfold. If you want to have dinner after the sun goes down on a summer night outdoors, then that is exactly what you should do. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you should do on your wedding day. And never let anyone else tell you that you can’t have a stunning elopement in your own backyard. That’s exactly what Hannah + Sky opted for: a blue hour elopement dinner after a day of adventuring around the north country together.

There’s something magical to be said about a blue hour which adds to the beauty of a blue hour elopement. It’s the time of day where the sun is significantly below the horizon, casting light that is more blue hued than usual. It happens pre-sunrise and post-sunset so you have two chances to take in blue hour on your elopement day if you’re motivated enough.

Whip up (or have catered) a charcuterie board, nab your favorite drinks, and go all out. Have dinner under the stars with your forever adventure partner.

Enjoy this gallery!

The Team:
Coordinator/Planner/Stylist: @pineappleandpeonyevents
Dress: @sweethellobridal
Jumpsuit: @asos
Signage: @thefamilyforgecompany
Bubbly: @lefizzny
Sweet Treats: @flourandwaterbakery
Charcuterie: @embellishedcatering
Models: @skyy.mills @hannahsheffieldd

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