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An inclusive adventurous destination wedding and elopement photographer livin' in upstate New York. I'm here to empower all couples to create an intentional wedding day that focuses on the experience and the feels.







Las Vegas is known for its stunning lights, iconic landmarks, and vibrant energy. And there’s no better place to capture that essence than Fremont Street. For one newly eloped couple, the magic of Fremont Street was perfect in helping them capture newlywed portraits together. N + M eloped in December, but they didn’t quite get […]

Love, Lights, & Fremont Street

K + C decided that they wanted to have a quiet and private wedding experience and thus they decided to elope. When they reached out to me, they expressed interest in the Lake Placid area and specifically requested a short mountain hike for their vow reading. I quickly got to work scouring the area for […]

Big Crow Mountain Elopement

Gem + Jethro reached out to me via Instagram just a couple days before the end of November and shared with me that they wanted to elope in NYC mid-December. Immediately, I was like mid-December? That’s just a couple weeks away! My second thought was Is this real? I never get inquiries via Insta. Real […]

Wild Winter Manhattan Elopement

Your wedding. Your rules. That’s the long and short of it, truly. If you’re wanting to do something “unconventional” for your wedding, do it. Don’t let others tell you that it’s ridiculous, silly, or strange. Embrace your uniqueness and do something that means something to you and your partner. It doesn’t matter how strange, or […]

Late Spring Black River Drive-In Elopement

Sometimes, just sometimes, we read a novel or watch a movie (or tv series for that matter) and fall in love. Whether that be with one of the characters, the costuming, the cinematography, the music, or something more. That newly found love can be used to add special inspiration to your own wedding day. Bridgerton […]

Bridgerton Inspired Elopement at Hart House

When A+T reached out to me back in January of this year sharing that they were interested in a Cazenovia area elopement, I was excitedly on-board. As I got to know them, I was blown away by the love story they shared with me in our time together. They met initially at their college sanctioned […]

Delphi Falls Elopement