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An inclusive adventurous destination wedding and elopement photographer livin' in upstate New York. I'm here to empower all couples to create an intentional wedding day that focuses on the experience and the feels.







This year I had the amazing opportunity to travel out west for two weeks and I have to say it was seriously one of the best experiences in my life (so far). I visited so many National Parks for the first time, and I am excited to visit many more in the future. While out and about, I met with many couples to create some magic, and I think this has to be one of my favorite sessions from the entire trip. There’s not much that beats the fun that’s had during an adventure session, unless of course, that adventure session is taking place in a location that’s on your bucket list.

Kiana + Zeke are from Montrose, and agreed to meet with me in Ouray for an evening session. When I started shooting, I noticed one thing right away. The true organic nature of their feelings for one another. They reminded me why I do what I do. To capture love stories like theirs. So much laughter, genuine smiles, and good times all around.

We did start out and about in the gorgeous mountains, but in this blog post, I want to show off the beauty that is the town of Ouray. I’ll share their other photos in an additional blog post, so keep an eye for that in the future!

Ouray. Is. Stunning.

A small, miner town nestled in the Red Mountains in southwestern Colorado. The structures have been preserved dating back to the late 1880s, and it really does give you the feeling of time slowed down when passing through. The semi-arid climate was absolutely perfect, and I was elated to not have balmy skin when trekking out in 85 degree weather (here’s looking at you, New York humidity).

Enjoy these photos from Kianna + Zeke’s Ouray town portion of their sesh!





Adventure Session: Ouray Sunset Date Night

"The moment I spoke to donna I knew we'd made the right choice by reaching out—she was instantly so invested in capturing our lovestory and couldn't be more pleasant to work with."

Claire + Justin