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Great Sand Dunes National Park Adventure

Great Sand Dunes National Park Adventure

You all know that I’m a huge fan of national parks and that I love exploring and photographing them. So when the chance arose for me to photograph Katelin + Michael at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, I basically squealed with joy. We spent an amazing evening exploring the area with moody skies, a perfect wind, and comfortable temps.

My session with them was my first time at the Great Sand Dunes, and I cannot put into words how amazing and expansive this natural wonder is. We definitely got a work out while we explored the area and found it way easier to get around barefoot (myself included). There were a number of others exploring the area or dune surfing, but not so many that it felt crowded.

When it comes to National Park popularity, I feel like the Great Sand Dunes is a hidden gem. Nowhere near as popular as Arches (or anything in Moab for that matter). If you have never been, it’s truly a breathtaking location. It’s incredibly vast and the dunes in the distance can be hiked if you’d like.

At the tail end of their session, a rain storm rolled it and it created some amazing views; the sun blazing to the west as it began to set, the moody clouds rolling in from the north-northeast.

Enjoy these moments from their adventure session!

"The moment I spoke to donna I knew we'd made the right choice by reaching out—she was instantly so invested in capturing our lovestory and couldn't be more pleasant to work with."

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