Two terracotta silos found at Curtis Manor venue in Oswego NY


Curtis Manor: Oswego, NY Wedding Venue

If you’ve decided on an intimate wedding and you’re not sure where you’d like to have your ceremony and/or reception—I’ve gotchu. In this blog series, I’ll be talking about some of my favorite venues scattered around New York. Here, I’d like to tell you about Curtis Manor in Oswego, New York. It’s one of the best places to have your own Oswego, NY wedding.
Disclaimer: These venues are observed through a photographer’s lens, so things that stand out to me, may not necessarily stand out to you!

Right in the Heart of Oswego

Curtis Manor is a rustic barn venue that located right within the city limits of Oswego, NY. Even though it’s within the city, the grounds and venue itself feel more remote which is an amazing thing for couple who want to find a venue that is super close to accommodations for family and friends, while still keeping that secluded and private feel to your day.

There are many, many barn venues scattered throughout upstate New York, but there are a few reasons that Curtis Manor stands out from the rest.

Firstly, Curtis Manor features a stunning Victorian style guest house in which the happy couple can get ready for their day in separate rooms. The lighting is amazing, and it’s spacious enough for smaller wedding parties (4-6 really) so if you’re looking at having more than 5 friends standing by your side, you may need to find an alternate space for getting ready.

Stunning inside and out

Secondly, the venue features beautiful terracotta silos that have been restored and well-maintained, and it’s seriously one of my favorite things about this venue. The interior of the barn itself is very spacious, with a smaller second floor loft area that can be used as either a cocktail lounge, photobooth area, or you can even have the DJ setup there.

Thirdly, if you decide to have your ceremony on-site as well, Curtis Manor features a fairly sized chapel like area off of the main barn. You can exchange vows there under the beautiful stained glass, or out on the property where they have a gondola constructed—so rainy days ain’t got sh*t on Curtis Manor.

Lastly, because it’s located right outside of Oswego, there’s seriously easy access to amenities: hotels, grocers, any place to buy those items or things you may have forgotten last minute.

Here are a few photos to inspire you on perhaps choosing Curtis Manor for your own intimate wedding.


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