Þórsmörk Iceland Adventure Session

Recently I had the absolute honor of traveling to Reykjavík, Iceland with the most amazing couple, S+M. It was my first time to Iceland and I have to say now that I’m home again, I’m already planning a return trip. I was left in complete awe of the natural beauty, the weather, the food, and the midnight sun. So when S+M asked me to come with them to not only document an adventure session, but an in-home session, and their elopement, I more than excitedly agreed.

S+M wanted to do an adventure session at Þórsmörk, and they were hiking in via the Fimmvörðuháls Trailhead the day before. I was invited to join them on the trek, but I know my limits, and a 13 hour hike is a little beyond my current capabilities.

Instead, I agreed to meet them as they arrived into Þórsmörk via bus with Reykjavík Excursions – which was an entire experience in and of itself. A bus ride where we crossed through multiple rivers and over rocky terrain – there’s no way a non-4×4 vehicle could make the trek.

We stayed at the Volcano Huts, hiking the trails in the area. After asking locals for suggestions on some scenic locations for portraits, we set off on a trail that led us to the most breathtaking overlook of Þórsmörk. So we packed up our snacks, S+M made sure they had their change of clothes, grabbed our hiking poles and set off. There were a few others also on the trail, but it wasn’t overly crowded.

The weather was absolutely perfect for hiking as well, a cool 55 degrees with a slight breeze, made the trek comfortable. I found myself having to shed a few layers after some time on the trail and still felt comfortable. Now, I’m not the most “in shape” individual, so I did have to stop for a few breaks on the way up. I consider myself adventure(ish) not adventurous for this reason.

Once we reached the summit, we took some time to just relax after the hike. Ate a few snacks, and just take in the views. The mostly clear weather allowed us to see the mountains, glaciers, and wilderness for miles around us. And each time I stand in nature with views like this, I am remind of how large our planet really is, and how small we really are.

Enjoy these images from S+M’s adventure session in Þórsmörk!

I learned that I much prefer ascent versus descent when out and about on trails, and while wearing my GoPro Max 360 there may or may not have been footage captured of me eating it on the way down. (There’s totally video footage of me falling, I can’t even lie about it.) The trail was definitely steep, but the labor was well worth the views at the summit.


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