Delphi Falls Elopement

When A+T reached out to me back in January of this year sharing that they were interested in a Cazenovia area elopement, I was excitedly on-board. As I got to know them, I was blown away by the love story they shared with me in our time together.

They met initially at their college sanctioned get-together where current students meet prospective students. It was an event for the university to show the benefits of pursuing a PhD program with them. T was the prospective student, A was the current student. After a mutual friend introduced them, A+T spent time together chatting.

And they shared with me their first thoughts about each other:

T: “I was most immediately taken aback by how beautiful this woman was! Her smile, dimples, and big blue eyes captured my attention from the moment that I saw her (cliché but true). But then I discovered that she had a great sense of humor, too, when she animatedly relayed to me the stories of people who had succumbed to injury and trauma while in the doctoral program that I was about to enter with her. I remember thinking to myself, “If this person is going to be around while I go to school here, then things might just be okay. Maybe I’ll get to be one of the people who goes untraumatized.”

A: “I thought he was handsome and funny, but wasn’t in a great mood (stressful mid-semester vibes), so I probably didn’t make a great first impression!”

It wasn’t until later on in their PhD programs at Arizona State where the two connected over a Twin Peaks shirt A had worn to class that day. And the rest is history.

Enjoy some of these moments from their day, and to keep reading about Cazenovia waterfall elopement unfolded!

The team that brought their elopement day to life:
Photog/planner/officiant: @donna.marie.photo.co
Venue(s): @braelochinn @stonequarryhillartpark @thebrewsterinn
Hair + MUA: @pastelmakeupandstyle
Florals: @spruceridge
Dress: @davidsbridal
Cake: @toastcazenovia

A+T knew they wanted something “just for us” and had some initial ideas of where they’d like to get married. So together we crafted the most intimate and special day for them both. Delphi Falls was the ceremony location they chose, which is a stunning Cazenovia waterfall found just 5 minutes outside of Cazenovia.

Initially they were going to have a day just for them, but then decided to invite their immediate family. Which made their day even more intimate and special. A’s parents, and T’s parents and sister. A’s sister wasn’t able to join in person, but she was able to join in via FT. Their parents were so happy to be with them for their ceremony and emotions were openly felt.

Their morning was a laid back event where they were able to enjoy breakfast and lunch with their families, get ready at the Brae Loch Inn, before having their first look.

Their amazing ceremony involved blending two plants together in one pot to symbolize their union, the reading emotional vows to one another, and a ring exchange. Right after they and their families enjoyed a few heartfelt toasts, and some amazing cake from The Toast.

Afterward, they ventured to Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, one of their favorite local places to visit. It was there where A+T exchanged gifts, had their first dance (they danced to this amazing song-one of the gifts that T gave A was a framed printed soundwave of their song), and explored the park for the first time as a married couple.

After their art park adventures, the newlywed couple re-joined their family. They ended their elopement day with an intimate dinner at The Brewster Inn.


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