Rainy Dublin Engagement Session

After the Surprise Proposal, S + A and I adventured around Dublin together to document their love story and celebrate their engagement! Right after A proposed, it began to rain. It was a gentle rain, starting out as a mist at first, before growing into a heavier rain which added some serious moodiness to their portraits.

Since I had done copious amounts of research weeks beforehand and in-person scouting the couple days before their arrival, I was able to take them to some of the most iconic hidden gems in Dublin.

There are so many beautiful spots in the city that are easily within walking distance from one another, it would take at least two days to see them all, let alone photograph them. For this adventure session, we adventured around the St. Anne’s Lane, Grafton Street, and the Guinness Storehouse. While there were abundant crowds walking around Dublin, even in the rain, it didn’t feel overwhelming like it can during Christmas in NYC. Something I genuinely appreciated.

When I return to Dublin, I have so many places I’d like to visit and photograph!

Enjoy some of these amazing moments from our rainy Dublin adventure session.

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