Why Rainy Days are Better

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” — Bob Marley

Imagine your wedding day.

Where is it? How do you spend your morning together? What emotions do you want to feel? Who do you want with you? Lastly, what does the weather look like? Is it warm? Is there a brisk wind?

If you imagined a sunny sky, you’re not alone. A lot of couples immediately default to wanting sunny weather for their wedding day. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just the norm. And I’m all about going against the grain when it comes to your wedding day.

It breaks my heart when couples set their hearts on sunny skies, and then when it rains, are bummed. I’m here to tell you that you have it wrong, friend. Rainy days are 100% better on your wedding day for a myriad of reasons. Even if the forecast says your day is going to be clear, you should still prep for rain (or snow) on your wedding day. Especially, if you’re getting married in the shoulder season.

If you’re the type that believes in messages, rain on your wedding day is considered a blessing. According to Hindu traditions, rain on your wedding day is good luck as it indicates that your marriage will last. In other traditions that are more agriculturally based, rain on your wedding day means your marriage will be “fruitful” as rain promotes growth, and fertility of the earth.

If you’re not the type to believe in messages, that’s okay! There are plenty of reasons to embrace rain on your celebration day.

Soft and Even Lighting

One of the biggest advantages of shooting on a rainy or cloudy day is the soft and even lighting. Unlike sunny days, where harsh shadows and bright highlights can be difficult to manage, the diffuse light on a rainy or cloudy day creates a soft and flattering light that is perfect for portraits and outdoor scenes.

Moody Atmosphere

Rainy or cloudy days also provide a moody and atmospheric feel to your photos. The muted colors and softer light can create a more dramatic and emotive image, perfect for capturing the mood of a wedding day or the romance of a couple’s photoshoot. A rainy wedding is seriously something straight out of a cinematic experience.

Unique Perspectives

Rainy or cloudy days can also offer unique perspectives that are not possible on sunny days. For example, rain can create beautiful reflections on wet surfaces or add interesting textures to an image. Clouds can also provide a dynamic backdrop to your photos, adding depth and interest to an otherwise simple scene.

Fewer Crowds = More Privacy

On sunny days, popular photography locations can be crowded with people, making it difficult to capture the shot you want without any distractions. However, on rainy or cloudy days, many people stay indoors, leaving these locations quieter and more peaceful for you to work in. Rainy wedding FTW!

Versatile Lighting Conditions

Finally, the soft and even lighting on a rainy or cloudy day allows you to shoot in a variety of locations and situations, without worrying about harsh shadows or highlights. This makes it easier to create a variety of images that showcase your creativity and skill.

So don’t let rain dampen the beauty of your celebration day. Embrace it. Nature is wild and unpredictable, but beautiful nonetheless. And if you’re lucky enough to get rain on your wedding day, you can bet your ass that your portraits will be absolutely stunning.

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