Midnight Sun Iceland Elopement

If there were anywhere on the planet that I could move to, it would be Iceland in a heartbeat. I am in love with the scenery, the culture, the climate, and the cuisine. So when I was asked to document S + M’s elopement at one of the famous black sands beach in Vik, Iceland, I was star struck. Iceland had been on my bucket list for literal decades, and now I was given the opportunity to go AND document one hell of a love story? Sign me TF UP.

Iceland is incredibly important to S + M, as that’s where they met. They wanted their celebration to be an intimate affair with their closest friends and family in attendance. Their day was filled with all kinds of special touches, such as rather than having a first look with one another, they shared a “first shot”. S also did a first look with all of her family and friends. S + M exchanged gifts and letters prior to the ceremony, and S snuck in some boudoir film photos she had done that same day into his vow book.

Their ceremony started at about 8pm on the black sand beaches of Vik, and naturally I was in tears behind my camera watching everything unfold.

Enjoy these moments from their celebration!


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