Mount Jo Surprise Proposal

A couple of months ago, J contacted me to capture his surprise proposal to his long-time girlfriend, T, at Mount Jo in the ADK. Traveling from the Philly area, he believed Mount Jo would provide the perfect scenic backdrop for his question. Together, J and I planned and coordinated, devising a clever scheme to keep T unaware of the true nature of their hike.

J frequently photographed T during their adventures, sometimes using a remote shutter. His plan was to begin by taking a few photos of her, then set up his tripod and change into attire suitable for a photoshoot. He had packed a suit from H&M, while T had selected a couple of dresses that she believed would look stunning against the mountain vista. Ultimately, she chose a beautiful dark forest green dress.

Once he had changed, they would take a few photos together before posing T with her back to him. It would be then that J would go down on one knee, ring in hand.

Arriving at the summit earlier that afternoon, Chels and I were delighted to find that we were the only ones there, as summer trails in the ADK tend to be bustling. However, we also worried about how we could convince T that we were not waiting for her and J up there.

The solution: branding. We decided to take a few photos of each other for “social media” purposes, hoping not to arouse suspicion.

When T and J arrived, Chels and I casually took photos of one another while engaging in light conversation about the challenging hike and our hope that the rain would hold off a little longer. We suggested the best nearby viewpoint for the views and assured them to let us know if we were in their way.

J proceeded with his plan, and it went off without a hitch. T was completely taken by surprise, and I felt privileged to document this moment for them. Although she had a hunch, T was thrown off because she expected the proposal to happen later in the summer during their overseas trip.

Right after J asked T to be his forever partner, it started raining. At first, it was light, but then it turned into a heavy downpour. We swiftly descended the mountain (safely), and as soon as we reached the bottom, the rain stopped. We made a quick stop at Heart Lake for a few additional photos.

Enjoy these precious moments from T and J’s unforgettable surprise proposal at Mount Jo.


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