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6 steps to Planning your Elopement

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01 Dream up your best day

The first step in any great creative process is to dream & brainstorm. This is where you and your partner explore all of the possibilities of what your day could look like—without being hindered by details or logistics yet.

Prompts to inspire you

02 make the big decisions first

Once you have an overall vision for what you two want out of your day, it’s time to make the biggest decisions that will affect your elopement experience the most: who are you inviting, where are you going, and how long you’re going for.

How to involve family + Friends

Decide on where

Tips for picking the best location

Decide how long your celebration will be

03 Plan out the details

The next step is plan out all of your details for your day including booking your travel and a place to stay, choosing your vendors, deciding on activities, picking out your wedding day attire, and gathering any other items or gear you may need.

Choose your vendors + details

things to consider when hiring vendors

vendor recommendations

choose your activities

Purchasing your attire + gear

brand recommendations: wedding dresses, skirts + Separates

tips for picking the best suit or tux

tips for the best footwear

don’t forget to layer up

Adventure gear pro tips

04 craft your timeline

Once you have all of the details decided on, it’s time to put your vision all together and create a timeline for your elopement or intimate wedding day (or multiple days) that fits everything you want to experience

getting ready

first look

planning your ceremony


activities, meals or party

timeline examples

05 Get ready to go

Now the planning is done and you just need to gather everything you need, pack for your trip, make sure you communicate with your guests (if you have any), and get ready to have an amazing day!

communicating with your guests

06 Have the best day ever!

You did it! Your day is here. Relax and soak in every moment and be fully present with your partner. Enjoy the incredible experience you created together as you say your vows and commit your lives to each other.

what happens next?

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