Donna Marie





When you are thinking about your elopement timeline, you will also want to consider any other meaningful activities that you might want to incorporate into your day–either to celebrate your relationship or take a moment to reflect upon the commitment that you are making.

Here are a few ideas for some activities that you don’t necessarily need to book ahead of time but might still want to leave space for in your elopement day:
Dedicating time to write in a journal so that you can capture all of the emotions of the day and revisit how you felt on your wedding day in the future.
—Reading letters from friends and family members who might not be in attendance during your actual elopement day.
—Playing instruments together—whether you are both talented musicians or just started learning together, this can be a special way to spend time together and communicate your joy through music.
—Creating something together, like painting a blank canvas together, throwing some pottery, making your own rings, or blending your own wedding-day wine. This will also give you a unique memento from your special day unlike any other.
—Spending some time taking a nearby walk or hike to really be present, take in your surroundings, and commit them to memory.
—Taking a trip to the local tattoo parlor to get matching tattoos in celebration of your new marriage.
—Planting trees, flowers, or other foliage (but only in places where it is appropriate to do so!) to represent rooting yourself in your relationship and being ready to grow together.
—Playing a game—from video games to board games to backyard games, there are so many options, and this is a great activity to include some guests while also having a lot of fun.

When budgeting time in your day for activities, I recommend leaving some extra space so that you don’t feel rushed to “perform” an activity in a short amount of time—but rather have time to relax and enjoy it. Also remember that some activities can take a while to set up, so leave space for travel and those transitions when planning out activities.

Celebratory Meal or Party

 It’s super important to stay fueled & sustained during your elopement, especially if there’s activities involved. A meal is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and simply soak in the excitement of the day. There are many routes you can go to incorporate food into your day. Will you choose a more luxurious route? Or is it more your style to do something casual?

Here are some fun food-related ideas to consider:
Do you want to feel pampered and have a private chef prepare special meals for you?
Would you like to pack a picnic and enjoy it someplace scenic?
Will you make a charcuterie board of all of your favorite foods?
Will you tailgate on the side of a 4×4 road?
Would you like to cook something together over a fire?
Would you like a more casual potluck style meal with guests at an Airbnb?
Will you seek a favorite food? Or try something new?
Will you be dining out of a JetBoil outside of your tent?
Would you like to swing by a nearby restaurant, distillery or brewery? Maybe reserve a private room or tasting?
Is spontaneously finding a random street vendor more your style?
Will you be on the go? If so, maybe you’ll prefer to swing by a caterer or restaurant and pick up something prepackaged.
Will you celebrate with sparkling water or champagne? Or do you have a favorite beverage you’d like to enjoy together?
What would be the most awesome scenario for you two on your wedding day?

If you’re having an intimate wedding, you can also use the time around a celebratory meal to have a first dance and toasts—similar to how you would at a traditional reception. This is also a great time to read letters or cards from friends and family who aren’t physically there with you and reminisce about highlights of the day so far. I highly recommend putting some time aside to enjoy these moments on your wedding day without feeling rushed. I will be documenting this time very candidly, but will also leave space for you two to enjoy yourselves without the camera present, especially while you’re consuming food.