Donna Marie




Final Tips

For the flight, for the trek, for the day before, too—these last-minute tips are here to help you have the best elopement experience ever!

Start packing early and pack over a few days, so as you remember items you want to bring, you’ll have plenty of time to add them to your bag and make sure you don’t forget anything important.

If you’re flying, make sure you carry on the most important details of your wedding day, like your attire, ceremony details, rings, etc. Of course, what really matters is that you’re getting married, not what you’re wearing—but still, I’d love for you to have the day you’ve dreamed of in the attire you’ve dreamed of, so let’s not leave it up to chance!

If you’re traveling somewhere that’s a drier climate than you’re used to or a higher elevation, be sure to drink tons of water and take care of yourself and get acclimated.

In the days leading up to your elopement, make sure you eat, hydrate well, relax, and get plenty of sleep—you’ll want plenty of energy on your day.

Most of all, RELAX—you’re about to have the best elopement day ever. You’ve planned a day that’s a true reflection of the two of you, and it’s going to be amazing

06 – Have the Best Day

Be present, be you, & let your authentic emotions soar.

Soak in every moment and enjoy your intentional, meaningful, perfect-for-you day together.

Remember, your day might not go exactly according to plan, but that’s half the adventure. I will do everything I can to make your elopement dreams come true, but if you’re willing to roll with the punches and embrace what comes your way, you’re bound to have an amazing elopement experience (no matter what!).

Relax, breathe, and don’t stress about anything, photos included.

If you have a beautiful experience together and feel alive throughout your day, great photos will follow.