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 03 Plan Out the Details

Once you’ve figured out the big picture decisions for your day: who you’re inviting, where you’re going, and how long your trip is going to be—the next step of your elopement planning process is to plan out the details. You’re going to need to book your travel, book a place to stay (either for just the two of you or also for your guests), choose what vendors to hire, what activities you two want to include in your experience, pick out your wedding day attire, and gather any extra gear you may need.

I’ll be honest, this step can feel a bit overwhelming and lengthy—and yeah, there’s a lot going on. Just remember that your elopement day is all about what you want—so if your vision doesn’t include some of the things I go over here, don’t sweat it. What matters most is that you two are planning the day that speaks to you!

Take your time with all of these decisions and most of all, have fun with it!

I’m here for you every step of the way, so if you have any questions or want more ideas or suggestions, feel free to reach out with questions—I’ve got your back!

Book Your Travel

First of all—before booking your travel, make sure you’ve confirmed your chosen elopement location with me. That way I can make sure everything’s squared away and even give you some travel advice that’s specific to the spot you’re headed!

Travel Booking Pro Tips

I basically travel for a living, so along the way, I’ve picked up a few must-know tips for booking your best travel experience.

1. Schedule So You Can Get to Your Location Early

One thing I’ve learned by traveling is to not fly in the day before a big activity—so if at all possible, I highly suggest getting to your wedding location as early as your schedule allows. If there’s a time change from your home to your destination, giving yourself a few days to get adjusted really helps. If you’re going to a high-elevation location, it’s extremely helpful to have at least 48-72 hours to acclimate to the altitude before doing anything strenuous to best avoid altitude sickness. No matter how far you’re headed, giving yourself time to get settled and gather all of your day-of details without any stress (flowers, marriage licenses, wedding cake, etc.) is a much more relaxing experience.

2. Check Flight Sales & Use Rewards (if you have them)

If you have been collecting travel rewards with credit cards, this could be a great reason to redeem them and splurge on your travel experience! Oftentimes, business class or first class flights are a really good value to redeem with points.

If you haven’t explored credit card rewards for travel yet, exploring these 2 sites is a great place to start!

Flight sales may make more sense than using points. You can use the following to set flight alerts for sales from your local airport, to monitor sales for particular routes you are interested in, or to use their explore or map functions to find the best flight deals:

3. Book Your Lodging

When it comes to planning your elopement, picking where you’ll stay is almost as fun as choosing your ceremony spot. It’s the place you’ll wake up on your wedding day and where you’ll come back to after you’re married.

I personally suggest viewing your lodging as part of your whole wedding experience. Think outside the box and give yourself permission to consider really fun rentals like cute Airbnbs, A-frames in the woods, treehouses, yurts, oceanside villas, or any kind of place that’s you think is aesthetically appealing, super enjoyable, and fits the vibe for the rest of your day. Pick somewhere that you two will thoroughly love spending time together.

Pro Tips for Booking Lodging

Think about natural light and aesthetics

Are there good windows in your space? Does the décor vibe with the vision you have for your day? You might want some getting ready or other photos where you’re staying, and good lighting and décor can make a huge difference in your photos.

Check reviews

Especially when it comes to lodging, it’s important to read listing descriptions and reviews thoroughly before booking to avoid any unwanted surprises.

How far is it from your ceremony spot?

Map your route on Google Maps between your ceremony spot and where you plan to stay. I suggest trying to find lodging as close to your location as possible (within 60 minutes drive if you can) so that you don’t have to spend too much of your day driving. Some more remote areas may require more travel, but the closer you can stay to your ceremony location, the smoother your timeline will be.

Get some privacy

If you’re having an intimate wedding with guests, think about booking your own space the night before and after your elopement so you can get plenty of rest and enjoy even more time together, just the two of you.

Need some inspiration for unique lodging? I’m here for you.

Where you stay for your elopement will absolutely affect your experience, so find a place that makes you happy! Here are a few resources I like to scope out when I’m looking for fun, unique places to stay.


And here are a few places to inspire you!

The Catskill A-Frame – Mid-Century Modern Cabin —Hancock, NY
The Mission House Sanctuary —Hopewell Junction, NY
The A-Frame at Evergreen Cabin —Remsen, NY
Warner’s Cabin —Keene, NY
Outlier Inn Geo Dome —Woodridge, NY
The Castle Cottage —Lake George, NY

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