Donna Marie





Couples Portraits

It’s incredibly common for couples to fear being awkward in front of the camera. Trust me, I hear this from almost everyone I talk to. I want to assure you that letting those worries fall away will be easier than you anticipate. Remember that you’re going to be looking SO GOOD and you will be experiencing so many wonderful emotions on your wedding day—and those feelings of overwhelming joy will shine through to your photos.

This designated portrait time is a great chance for you two to enjoy some slower-paced alone time. My best photos happen when you two actually forget that I’m there and are just wrapped up in each other and the stunning scenery around you. If any “posing” adjustments needs to be made, I will speak up and give you two some gentle directions. I’ll never leave you hanging or wondering what to do.

The more time we have for portraits, the more relaxed you two will feel and the more great portraits I’ll be able to take! The magic typically begins to happen after spending at least 20-30 minutes at a location.

Quick Tips For Looking Great in Your Photos

—Trust me! I do this professionally, and we have the same goal in mind. I want your photos to look as incredible as you do (if not more).
—You’ll find yourself quickly forgetting about any cameras the more you focus on being present with your partner and the beautiful scenery around you. That’s what the day is all about, after all.
—If you’re ever unsure what to do with your hands, reach for your partner.
—You never have to be statutes, movement is good! Don’t be afraid to interact with one another how you normally would and explore the landscape you are in.
—Keep each other smiling. Reminisce over all the amazing stories, adventures, and misadventures that brought you to where you are. Remind your partner how great they look and how much you love them often.
—Have fun and enjoy yourself! Happy looks good on you.

Family Portraits

Most often I photograph family portraits immediately after the ceremony while everyone is still in one place and looking great! If you make a list of desired family portrait combinations beforehand, this process can be seamless and relatively quick! You can anticipate each family portrait combination taking about 3 minutes to complete.

Here’s a short and simple example:
—Couple, parents
—Couple, parents, siblings
—Couple, siblings
—Couple, friends
—Couple, dogs
—Group photo of everyone

Tips for your family portraits:
—Have your guests remove all sunglasses and/or transition eyeglasses.
—Empty all pockets! No phones or wallets making your pockets bulky.
—Set any purses, bags, or jackets/layers that they don’t want to be photographed in to the side.

Have fun with it! Yes, I will make sure to capture plenty of each group looking at the camera and smiling, but don’t be afraid to get candid after the “serious” photos are captured too. Hugs, laughs, goofy poses, and bunny ears are all welcome!