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Putting It All Together – Timeline Examples

You’ve already made the brave choice to elope, to throw tradition to the wind, and get married in a way that truly reflects who you are together. So it’s not a surprise that your timeline will look a little untraditional too. While at some point in the day you will have your ceremony where you commit your lives to one another—the journey to that moment and how you choose to celebrate afterwards can truly look a million different ways. Use these timeline examples as a jumping off point and to spark your imagination. Anything is possible.

2-Day 2-Person Elopement

This option is perfect for those that love activities and want to include a multitude of different types of scenery in their day. Spend your first day road tripping someplace new, stopping for short hikes and amazing view points along the way. Then use your second day for a fun activity like a helicopter flight into the wilderness, sailing from one island to another, off-roading in the desert, or a day at a vineyard blending your own bottles of wine. There is plenty of room for spontaneity too so feel free to relax while soaking up a beautiful view.


Day 1 – Guests: 0 (Just you two)
5:30 am – Meet at location one & set up for first look
6:00 am – Sunrise first look in location one followed by portraits
7:00 am – Head to location two (15 min drive)
7:15 am – Arrive at the trailhead, gear up
7:30 am – Begin hike, taking portraits along the way (2.0 mile hike in)
9:30 am – Arrive at alpine lake for ceremony & picnic brunch
12:00 pm – Hike back to the trailhead, taking portraits along the way (2.0 mile hike out)
1:30 pm – Arrive at the trailhead, head to location three (45 min drive)
2:15 pm – Arrive at location three for exploring & kayaking
5:30 pm – Return kayaks, photo coverage wraps up

Day 2 – Guests: 0 (Just you two)
6:00 am – Meet at helicopter pad to check in
6:30 am – Helicopter take off, flight one
7:00 am – Land at location one for portraits
8:00 am – Take off, flight two
8:30 am – Land at location two for portraits
9:30 am – Take off, flight three
10:00 am – Arrive back at the helicopter pad, photo coverage ends


All-Day 2-Person Elopement

This is just enough time to tell the story of your incredible elopement day. Enough time to capture getting ready photos, your adventure to you ceremony location, portraits, and a celebration of your elopement together. You can choose to tackle climbing a mountain together,  have a relaxing day spent by the sea, or anything in between.

9:30 am – Photographer arrives at cabin to capture details & finishing touches
10:45 am – First look outside cabin
11:00 am – Head to ceremony location, stop along the way for photos with VW van
2:30 pm – Arrive at location; ceremony followed by exploring & portraits
5:00 pm – Head back to cabin (30 min drive)
5:30 pm – Arrive back at the cabin for private chef dinner overlooking the water
7:30 pm – Photo coverage wraps up

All-Day Elopement with Family

Your intimate wedding day with loved ones can include an adventure for just the two of you as well! Start your day with a hike above the clouds at sunrise or a morning paddleboarding session before reuniting with your family for a ceremony and delicious meal together. Or opt for an off-roading adventure ending in expansive views, easily accessible for everyone to explore together, and then have your ceremony and picnic right there! The possibilities are endless.

3:00 am – Meet at the trailhead, gear up
3:15 am – Begin hike in the dark (2.1 miles)
4:45 am – Arrive at first look location, alpenglow begins, change into wedding attire
5:30 am – Sunrise first look followed by portraits & exploring
8:00 am – Begin hike back to trailhead, portraits along the way (2.1 miles)
9:30 am – Arrive back at trailhead, head to Airbnb (30 min drive)
10:00 am – Arrive at Airbnb for ceremony
10:30 am – Ceremony
11:00 am – Family photos
11:30 pm – Brunch party with champagne popping & Bloody Marys
1:00 pm – Photo coverage ends

No matter how you choose to structure your elopement day keep in mind these couple of tips:

Leave room for spontaneity. You ditched the big traditional wedding so you wouldn’t feel rushed and stressed, so don’t allow those feelings to creep into your elopement day either. Give yourself lots of extra cushion in your day for transitions, spontaneous adventure, and for if you end up running a bit behind at some point. Worst case scenario? You end up with extra time to spend soaking up a gorgeous view.

Be uniquely you. Consider carving out time in your day to enjoy an experience together that may be a bit unusual for a wedding day but is important to and uniquely you. Is your favorite way to spend a morning making french toast and hanging with your doggos? Do it! Love to play an instrument and want to surprise your partner with a song? Go for it!