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 Tips for Picking the Best Suit or Tux

Your suit doesn’t have to be black and the top doesn’t have to match the bottom! Mixing and matching colors and materials for jackets and pants can be a fun way to add personality to your attire. Don’t be afraid to think outside the traditional box.

Consider fun patterns and materials in your ensemble. It’s okay to go for corduroy pants, a leather jacket, a shirt with penguins on it, or a knitted cardigan. Not everything has to be black tie formal or traditional linen.

Don’t forget about accessories! Adding unique details like suspenders, vests, bolo ties, bow ties, neckerchiefs, scarves, hats, belts, belt-buckles, pocket watches, cufflinks, and pocket squares can be another way to add more interest, detail, and personality into your attire.

Make sure your choices are easy to move around in and don’t fall off too easily. Try taking big strides, squatting down, sitting in a chair, sitting on the ground, stretching, and jumping around. See how easy it is to move in the attire, and make sure it’d be comfortable enough to adventure in! Do this when trying outfits on and during alterations, and if you encounter issues with your attire staying in place, suspenders or a belt could help.

Consider bringing along a few trusted people to help you make your selection and give you kind feedback on what works best for you.

Consider leaving some additional room to add a base layer underneath your suit if you’ll be in a cold environment on your wedding day.

Again, the most important thing about your wedding attire is how it makes you feel. Be authentic to that.

Brand Recommendations: Suit, Tux, & Other Formal Wear

 Where you purchase your attire is totally up to you, but if you’re feeling stuck and could use a little extra inspiration, I’ve got you covered right here.

If your budget allows, I always recommend investing in a suit versus renting one.

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