Donna Marie




My values

[Ace WOC owned and operated, I seek to always create a fully inclusive, supportive, safe space.]


I am a firm supporter in LGBTQIA+ rights and any discrimination is not tolerated. When you’re with me, you’re in a safe space. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Your sexual orientation is valid. Your gender expression is valid. All of my preferred vendors are also LGBTQIA+ friendly/inclusive—bigotry can’t sit with us.



Real couples are more than the white-washed, cisgendered, traditional couples you all too often see in wedding publications. The wedding industry isn’t always welcoming to those who stand outside of heteronormative expectations—I’m here for you. Straight-passing or not, conventional or otherwise, your love story is welcome here.



Protecting the environment is reflected in my business and personal life with informed consumerism, Leave No Trace, carbon neutral travel practices, and ethical living.


I promise to always make a safe space for you to be you

I want you to be your most authentic self—even if that means feeling vulnerable for a moment in time. Ya girl has worked hard, done the research, and published a piece of scientific literature to earn a doctorate in the study of human behavior. I’m practiced and nuanced in understanding the emotional and mental needs of people. (Please don’t ask me to read your mind, cause my friend, that’s not what psychology is about. And no, you don’t have to refer to me as “doctor.” The only time I ask that is if I become your professor.)

I’m here to provide you not only with stellar wedding portraits, but also be supportive, nurturing, and full of empathy and understanding for where you are emotionally and/or mentally. On top of this, you need to know I am a safe-person. This means that I welcome all love stories regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religion.