Donna Marie


Who am I


Meet your introverted, quirky, NO BS
wedding + elopement photographer


Donna Marie smiling, holding camera in a wooded area.


I’m Donna Marie

I dig deep, find magic in everything, and live for reminding humans how amazing they really are.


My pronouns are: she/her.

>> I specialize in documenting celebrations of love that include 50 or fewer guests. If you’re the kind of soul that doesn’t want a large production of a wedding day, I’m here to help you create your magical day and document all the moments that unfold.

>> I am a woman of many hats: a psychology PhD, photographer, AAPI and asexuality advocate, mother, wife, and chicken mama.

>> It’s hella important that we’re a good fit, I’ll go first. Click the button below to learn more about yours truly. Then you can decide if I’m the love story photog and Guide-on-the-Side for you.

I’m your elopement + wedding photographer based in Adams, New York that encourages you to let go of tradition to embrace a true-to-you wedding experience.