Skaneateles, NY Venue

The Carriage Barn at Frog Pond

If you’ve decided on an intimate wedding and you’re not sure where to host it—I’ve gotchu. In this blog series, I’ll be talking about some of my favorite venues scattered around New York. Here, I’d like to tell you about a Skaneateles, NY venue: The Carriage Barn at Frog Pond.

Disclaimer: These venues are observed through a photographer’s lens. So things that stand out to me may not stand out to you!

The Carriage Barn at Frog Pond is a barn-like venue…

But it’s not like your typical barn venue. This venue is on the National Register of Historic Places. So, there’s a good amount history that comes with the location.

It has an interesting history as, “the site of a 1840’s socialistic communal experiment that denied religion, government, and individual property ownership; advocated free love, and prohibited meat, narcotics, and alcohol. Community Place was founded by John Collins, who was active in the anti-slavery movement and a companion of Frederick Douglas before coming to Skaneateles.

The farmhouse can be used as a getting ready suite, and the décor gives it a very elevated cottage feel. Since this is a Bed and Breakfast, the property owners do reside on the premises. Their quarters are in the basement and the kitchen, and library are a shared space. You may see them from time to time throughout your day. As a note, the owners do not assist with any set up or tear down for your wedding. If you need that, you will have to get friends/family or hire assistants.

The natural lighting in the home is amazing in some rooms and is perfect for all those emotional and moody moments.

Real talk: If you like bright and airy photographs, your photographer may have a difficult time achieving that look here. The farmhouse is ideal for photographers with earthy, moody editing styles (like myself), and even more so on rainy days (like the day I shot there featured here).

One of the best things about this location is it’s proximity to Skaneateles. It’s only two miles outside of the city limits, but it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. You will be in the middle of woods, fields, and nature. As the property touts more than 100 acres for exploration.

In all my nerdiness, there was one large thing that spoke directly to me; Throughout the home, there are random crow decorations—a crow in the library near the window, a crow in the bedroom on the top of the bureau, a crow in the dining room on the mantle. You’ll always win a part of me over if you feature birds in some capacity.

Here are a few photos to inspire you on perhaps choosing this Skaneateles, NY venue for your own intimate wedding.

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