Big Crow Mountain Elopement

K + C decided that they wanted to have a quiet and private wedding experience and thus they decided to elope. When they reached out to me, they expressed interest in the Lake Placid area and specifically requested a short mountain hike for their vow reading. I quickly got to work scouring the area for trails that were “easy”, aka less than 1 mile one-way, but still provided stellar views.

After compiling a few suggestions and sending them to K + C, they chose Big Crow Mountain. Which provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and Keene Valley in the distance. Now, when AllTrails said the hike was short but moderate, what they failed to mention is that it’s basically a rock scramble for the last 10th of a mile. So if you’ve never done this hike before, but want to, be ready.

The team that brought their day to life:
Photog + Planning Assistant: @donna.marie.photo.co
Dress: @sixpencebridal
Veil: @prim.and.prairie
Flowers: @littlefarmhouseflowers
K’s rings: @chinchar_maloney
K’s jacket: @patagonia 
K’s nail polish: @holotaco
K’s robe: @onderbroeks
C’s suit: @muranosformalwear
C’s tie: @mr.bow.tie
C’s ring: @magpiejewellery
Canoe rental: @adklakesandtrails

K + C then booked their Airbnb, their florist, and even decided they wanted a canoe ride on their special day, so they made sure to book a canoe rental.

Their day started with them getting ready separately, but in their Airbnb. With K upstairs, and C downstairs.

Once they were dressed they opted for a first look where K hid on the second floor, tucked away in a closet for a moment, while K came upstairs and positioned himself near a window.

After their First Look, K + C enjoyed a few snacks and a glass of champagne together. K made them a few treats while at the Airbnb earlier in the day, so together they enjoyed cupcakes, sweet potato slices with feta and pecan, and a charcuterie board spread with meats and cheeses.

We then followed a small trail that led from the Airbnb up to a clearing that gave some pretty amazing views of the neighboring mountain. We also get to peep K’s amazing boots in action!!

K + C met while canoeing, so it was important to them that they share a canoe ride on their wedding day. C shared with me that he “fell in love with the back of her head” initially as they spent countless days out canoeing together. So K changed into a different dress for the canoe ride and we set off.

K’s necklace, the one featured in C’s hand above, is a family heirloom for K. It was given to her great-grandmother in 1914 when she graduated from nursing school, and has been passed down through her family since. It holds significant meaning to K, as she is also a physicist and connects to her great-grandmother through the trials and tribulations of higher education.

After the canoe ride, it was time. Time to hike Big Crow, take in the views, and commit their lives to one another in a private vow reading. NGL, the hike wasn’t easy. But it wasn’t the most difficult I’ve experienced either. It had been years since I’ve visited Big Crow, and it was just a tad bit steeper than what my memory told me. Both K + C handled the hike like champs, with K being especially excited to reach the summit.

Once we reached the summit, K + C changed back into their wedding attire (the hike isn’t exactly easy, especially in wedding attire!).

Enjoy these moments from their Lake Placid Mountain Elopement. It will definitely be one of my favorite stories to share of 2022.


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