A Dreamy Las Vegas Desert Engagement Session

If you’re drawn to the desert like I am, having a Las Vegas open desert engagement session can be a dream come true. There’s just something about the desert—the vibrant reds and oranges mixed with the earthy browns and bits of green across the landscape. It’s such a drastic difference from the lush, green northern New York area that I’ve lived in for the last 20+ years.

So, when I traveled out to Las Vegas in early 2023, I made it a priority to find a fun-loving couple who didn’t mind exploring around with me. And honestly, meeting A + S was seriously an amazing treat. As locals to Las Vegas, they gave me all kinds of tips and tricks for making my stay that much more enjoyable.

Newly engaged, we adventured around some open desert areas near Red Rock Canyon—and the weather could not have been more perfect! It had rained earlier in the day, which as you may know, is a relative rarity for Vegas; and it resulted in brighter colors from the rock formations, low hanging clouds, and my favorite moody vibe. After having a bit of fun, we headed back into Vegas for a stop at the Palazzo, where there were some truly scenic locations for us to create in.

One nice thing about traveling to Vegas at the end of January is that the crowds are basically non-existent. We didn’t have to wait for tons of people in the backgrounds, or other photographers in the area. So while it was a bit chillier than preferred (around 35 degrees fahrenheit), the freedom of space was well worth it.

Enjoy these few moments from their engagement session with me in the Las Vegas Desert + around the Palazzo!

If you’re thinking about heading to Las Vegas for your own engagement session, elopement, or wedding, let’s chat! I’d love to adventure along with you!


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