Love, Lights, & Fremont Street

Las Vegas is known for its stunning lights, iconic landmarks, and vibrant energy. And there’s no better place to capture that essence than Fremont Street. For one newly eloped couple, the magic of Fremont Street was perfect in helping them capture newlywed portraits together. N + M eloped in December, but they didn’t quite get the couples’ portraits they wanted on their wedding day. So when they reached out to me to help them create some bombass portraits that captured their love for one another, I was absolutely down!

Fremont Street provided the perfect backdrop for their photoshoot. The neon lights, the colorful signs, and the vintage architecture all came together to create a unique and vibrant environment. The couple adventured, laughed, and took in the sights of famous landmarks like the Golden Nugget, Binion’s Gambling Hall, and the Neon Museum.

The couple’s wedding attire was perfectly suited to the Vegas vibe. The bride wore a stunning white gown, adorned with sparkling details, while the groom wore a strikingly dapper suit. They truly looked amazing! The contrast of their attire against the colorful and vibrant environment of Fremont Street created a stunning visual effect that was simply magical.

Both N + M insisted that they were awkward in front of the camera, but their photographs tell a different story. I truly enjoyed getting to know the two of them during my time in Vegas and I am incredibly thankful that they trusted in me to capture these images!

Enjoy these favorites from our time together!


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