Cape Cod Seaside Elopement

Shannon + Bryan reached out with the idea that their wedding day should involve a day excursion around the National Seashore in Cape Cod and naturally, I said YES. They’re an adventurous couple who have trekked across the nation together discovering hidden trails, and epic views—and the Cape Cod seashore was next on their list. If you haven’t considered a Cape Cod elopement, this is your sign. 

They reserved a room at the Rugosa Boutique Guest House in Eastham, Mass—which was absolutely adorable btw—and that is where they held their first look. I helped Shannon with the final details of her dress, and then let them have their first look moment together in the yard of the B+B.


After the first look, it was time for Shannon + Bryan to head toward the National Seashore to take in the sights, catch the sunset, and exchange vows (with me in tow). While I had never been to Cape Cod before, but had visited Boston numerous times, I was just as excited as they were to explore a new area and capture some amazing portraits with them. Filled with relatively easy trails (I say relatively because you are walking across loose sand, which can be difficult for some) and gorgeous dunes, the National Seashore did not disappoint in delivering breathtaking views.

Shannon + Bryan packed up the gear and details that they wanted to bring with them, and set off.

We walked the trails for a little while and were lucky enough to find some rosehips, seagull feathers, and made sure to pick up any litter we found along the way. It’s so important that we care for the environment, and any little thing you can do absolutely helps. Leave the place better than when you found it.

With the vows and rings exchanged, and the kiss shared—Shannon + Bryan were officially married (we also signed the marriage license). They had decided to celebrate their new marriage by exploring more of the National Seashore and sharing in a small picnic as the sun set. But before they could set up for their picnic, there was more exploration to be had.

But real talk, what’s better than a sea-side picnic with the love of your life right after you commit the rest of your lives together?

Shannon + Bryan finished off the day by watching the sun sink below the horizon together before taking the trail back during blue hour. It was an amazing, intimate experience for them—one that I was incredibly honored to document. I look forward to hearing about all the awesome adventures they embark on together and hearing stories on how their love has grown.

When you decide to elope and dedicate your day to you and your partner, you’re choosing you over everyone else. It’s something that I cannot encourage couples to do enough. Shannon + Bryan wanted this day to themselves so they could fully enjoy it at their pace, doing things they love together and will be hosting a larger gathering for close friends and family in 2022.

If you’re considering a Cape Cod elopement, let’s chat. I’d love to help you dream, scheme, and plan your elopement day experience.

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