In-Home Clayton Elopement

When you make the decision to elope, you take back control of your wedding day. You decide what your wedding day will look like; who will be there, what you’ll do together, and where you’ll exchange your rings and vows. It also means that your elopement shouldn’t have to look like all the adventure elopements that you see across social media. Choosing to have an elopement in a small area, like in Clayton, NY, can add just as much meaning for your special day.

When Amanda + Jackie decided to elope, they did just that. Together they called the shots on how and where they wanted to read vows to one another. They decided who would be there, and what adventures they would embark on together. They didn’t trek to climb a mountaintop, and they didn’t travel to super trendy locations found on Instagram. But that by no means makes their elopement any less beautiful and meaningful. It was true-to-them, and that is what’s most important.

Amanda + Jackie chose to exchange their vows in their newly purchased home with their close friend as officiant. It was truly an intimate affair, as they had a couple family members in attendance. They were also surrounded by their fur babies, who were all gloriously dressed for the occasion.

For the family who couldn’t attend, the ceremony livestreamed. And certain touches of their day were made by family members—the wooden bouquets were made by Amanda’s cousin for example.

It was incredibly intimate, filled with tears of joy, laughter, kisses, and love from everyone involved. Together they walked along the Clayton, NY boardwalk. They explored a nature trail together for some quiet time. They popped a bottle of bubbly in celebration; which, hilariously, the cork hit their roof with a comical “thunk”. And they cut their wedding cake together in their dining room before sitting down to enjoy home cooked lasagna.

Be like Amanda + Jackie and do your wedding your way. Enjoy these beautiful moments from their amazing elopement day.

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